Earn RM18 & Your Friend Gets Free RM18 Introduce Your Friends To iBET This EURO 2020

Want to get RM18 for free? Then invite your friends to join iBET! When they join, they get RM18 each. But when they accumulate a total deposit of RM100 on iBET, you get RM18 too! It's a win-win for everyone! Faster, get your friends to join!

Participation Qualification Your Friend’s Bonus Total Deposit Accumulated by Your Friend Your Bonus Referrer Rollover Requirement Application Method
All iBET members who recommends a friend RM18 RM100 RM18 1 Times Click on the 「Receive Reward」button on the 「Recommend」page. The bonus will be distributed to the main wallet automatically.


A:Promotion Participation

  1. You and your friend can obtain RM18 each by following three (3) simple steps. The more friends you recommend, you earn more bonuses!
    Step 1: Log in to iBET. On the homepage, click on the「Recommend」button.
    Step 2: Provide the Referral Code to Your Friend. Your Friend must fill in the Referral Code on the registration page as he/she signs up as a new iBET member. Upon completion, Your Friend will receive RM18 free to play.
    Step 3: When Your Friend deposits up to RM100, You can claim your free RM18 by clicking on the 「Receive Reward」button on the 「Recommend」page.
  2. Your Friend must be a new iBET member during the promotion period.
  3. Your Friend must fill in the correct personal information, including Birth Name, Contact Number, and Bank Account Number. Incorrect information will result in the failure to withdraw.
  4. To join this promotion, Members must successfully verify their mobile phone numbers via the website or the online customer service.
  5. Each account and personal information, including the same Birth Name, Email Address, and Contact Number, can only be registered once. Should a member have multiple or use the same IP on different accounts, iBET Entertainment reserves the right to withhold the alleged member's account and the money within.


《B:Bonus Usage》

  1. The bonus Your Friend obtains from this promotion is RM18, and it is applicable for betting on the EURO 2020 matches in the sports game room only.
    There are no rollover requirements. To be eligible for withdrawal, Your Friend only needs to use the bonus given to place bets and obtain a accumulated profit above RM88. Any amount exceeding the maximum withdrawal of RM88 will be deducted by the system automatically.
  2. The bonus you obtain from this promotion is applicable for betting in slots or sports game room only, and it may be withdrawn upon fulfilling the one (1) times rollover requirement.
  3. The bonus obtained from this promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other bonuses.
  4. During the span of bonus usage, the total amount required to fulfil the rollover requirement cannot partake in the website rebate. But the amount surpassing the rollover requirement can.
  5. A member must wait for iBET to announce the final sports betting results and complete the settlements, should any sports betting bets have not been settled during the span of bonus usage, to unlock a game room or transfer any bet amount.
  6. Failure to use the promotion bonus within 30 days after the distribution will result in the said bonus and profits earned being forfeited.

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Promotion Terms & Conditions

  1. This promotion applies to Entertainment members only. If a member is found having more than one account with the same name, email address, same/similar IP address, residential address, debit/credit card, bank account, computer, and suspicious betting behavior, iBET Entertainment reserves the right to freeze the profit and balance remaining in the account.
  2. iBET Entertainment may regard any betting placed through an illegal third-party software, a 「robot」, or 「dual/multiple windows」as illegitimate, and reserves the right to freeze the balance of the alleged account and shut the member's account.
  3. Any bets, ties, hedge bets (cross-site betting), rejected bets, invalid bets, draws, or sports bets with odds lower than 1.70 (Europe odds), 0.70 (Malaysia odds), 0.70 (Hong Kong odds), -1.20 (Indonesia odds), -120 (America odds) and other non-sports bets will not be counted as valid bets.
  4. Valid bets do not include bets on the following games: All live casino games (except for Baccarat), video poker, Roulette, Pontoon, electronic arcade, Craps, VIP Baccarat, Casino War, Texas Hold’Em, Pai Gow, fishing, shedding card/chess, multi-spin slots, and double-bonus slots.
  5. iBET Entertainment has the right to inspect a members’ betting record. Should a member violate any rules and regulations, or uses the bonus for non-entertainment purposes, iBET reserves the right to stop, cancel, or retract all of the bonuses distributed.
  6. iBET Entertainment reserves the right to request relevant identification documents from a member if it is suspected that he/she abuses the account/is not eligible for a particular promotion.
  7. Any individual/team/organization suspected of using dishonest means or fraud for the purpose to cheat/abuse of bonus, once verified, iBET reserves the right to freeze the profit and balance of the relevant account.
  8. By participating in this promotion, a member agrees to the《promotion application rules and regulations & terms and conditions》.
  9. iBET Entertainment reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the promotion, including its cessation period and final interpretation without prior notice.
  10. Should any form of illegal betting be detected, the deposit (including the profit and bonus) will be frozen, and the system will automatically clear the balance to zero (0).